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Discover Ways to Reduce Energy Use Throughout Your Campus

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program has ways for colleges and universities to demonstrate leadership on sustainability, all while saving money and energy.

Modernize your campus infrastructure with energy efficiency upgrades like energy management systems, LED lighting, advanced lighting controls, occupancy sensors and variable speed drives. ComEd provides incentives and technical assistance for these and a host of other energy conservation measures to get your campus headed down the path to environmental stewardship.

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Electricity Consumption by Colleges & Universities


   Calefacción y refrigeración  31 %
   Iluminación  26 %
   Equipo de oficina  20 %
   Ventilación  7 %
   Refrigeración  4 %
   Cocción  1%
   Calentador de agua  1%
   Otros  10 %

Fuente: Administración de información de energía de los EE. UU.

 Evaluación GRATUITA

​ComEd offers FREE facility assessments to help colleges and universities identify energy-saving opportunities, from computer labs and data center upgrades to efficient HVAC systems and variable-speed drives. An energy engineer will visit your campus to develop a report detailing recommended energy efficiency projects, including estimated cost, incentives and projected simple payback.


Las bombillas LED nuevas usan aproximadamente un 75 por ciento menos de energía y duran 25 veces más que las bombillas incandescentes. They also require almost zero warm-up period, going from dark to full brightness instantly, and produce illumination that is brighter and truer in color. This enhances safety and security, not to mention a more pleasant and comfortable environment, for students and faculty.

ComEd offers incentives for installing energy-efficient LED fixtures, as well as advanced lighting controls like occupancy sensors, daylight controls and timers, to ensure areas are well lit when they need to be—and aren't wasting energy when they don't. Mejore su iluminación dentro y fuera para disfrutar de espacios más acogedores, ¡al mismo tiempo que ahorra dinero y energía! Colleges and universities are eligible for instant discounts on commercial-grade lighting and exit sign products—save at the time of purchase with no paperwork!

 Calefacción y refrigeración

Heating, ventilation and cooling typically account for more than a third of all energy use on campus. Simple enhancements to your HVAC systems can improve comfort in classrooms and office spaces, while reducing energy costs.

ComEd offers incentives and technical assistance to tune-up or replace your inefficient HVAC units, delivering more efficient temperature control while using less energy. Each HVAC tune-up includes a thorough inspection and adjustment of the unit's thermostat, economizer, refrigerant charge, coils and belts for optimal performance. También están disponibles incentivos para mejoras de los componentes del sistema HVAC, como enfriadores refrigerados por agua y aire, variadores de velocidad, sistemas de gestión de energía, ventilación controlada por demanda y economizadores.

 Sistemas de TI

The servers and other IT support systems that provide the backbone of a campus' digital infrastructure can comprise a substantial portion of a college's energy bill. Collegiate digital footprints are unlikely to shrink anytime soon, but ComEd can help reduce your school's IT energy consumption.

By installing energy-efficient cooling equipment, relocating your servers or upgrading system software, your campus can realize significant annual energy savings. ComEd will work with your technology team to identify and implement energy-efficient solutions for your computers and tech hardware, such as virtualization or IT closet cooling setups. Another relatively simple energy efficiency measure—installation of network desktop power management software—could reduce computer energy use by as much as 27 percent annually. ComEd also offers incentives for colocation, transferring the burden of physical server maintenance and housing to a third-party vendor.

 Optimización de edificios

Over time, campus buildings become less energy efficient—equipment ages, settings and equipment schedules are changed, and routine maintenance gets skipped. Through the building optimization process known as retro-commissioning, or RCx, ComEd energy experts provide technical assistance to help you identify no- and low-cost operational improvements for your existing systems and equipment.

Un estudio de optimización completamente financiado le proporcionará una lista de recomendaciones de ahorro energético. You can implement the suggested improvements that make sense for your campus. Los participantes de RCx han ahorrado un promedio de 5 por ciento al año en su factura de luz, ¡con un rendimiento promedio de 1.5 años!

 Athletic Facilities

Score one for sustainability by reducing your college's energy use on the field and on the court. LED lights, daylight controls and occupancy sensors combine with smart thermostats and energy management systems to limit energy use when practice facilities are unused. Ditto for load misers, which reduce "vampire" energy consumption for TVs, exercise equipment, and vending machines. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program provides incentives on each of these money-saving opportunities.

And don't overlook the energy efficiency opportunities at your campus swimming pools and aquatic centers. Demand controlled ventilation modulates airflow throughout the aquatic area, while pool pumps equipped with variable speed drives ensure they use only as much energy as is needed.

 Nueva construcción

Reduce capital improvement costs while ensuring your campus buildings are sustainable over the long run. ComEd ofrece soporte técnico profesional y modelado de energía, además de incentivos financieros y ahorros continuos de energía, para ayudar a que los proyectos nuevos de construcciones superen los requisitos del Código de Conservación de Energía de Illinois.

Nuevos desarrollos y renovaciones importantes de por lo menos 5,000 pies cuadrados son elegibles. Asegúrese de involucrar al equipo del programa de eficiencia energética de ComEd lo más pronto posible. Entre más pronto nos involucremos en el proceso de diseño, serán mayores los valores de incentivo y mayores los ahorros a largo plazo.


1. Programe una evaluación

Llame al 1-855-433-2700 o llene el formulario en línea para solicitar una evaluación de instalaciones. Un ingeniero energético de ComEd evaluará la instalación y el equipo para los ahorros potenciales eléctricos durante un recorrido en el sitio de dos horas.

2. Reciba recomendaciones

En menos de un mes, recibirá un resumen conciso con recomendaciones de actualizaciones y cambios de ahorro energético que pueden mejorar la eficiencia energética de su empresa.

3. Realice mejoras y solicite incentivos

Una vez que haya decidido cuáles son las mejoras de ahorro energético que desea implementar, consulte el directorio de proveedores de servicio de eficiencia energética de ComEd para encontrar un contratista que pueda proveer los productos y servicios que necesita y ayudarlo a solicitar los incentivos del programa de eficiencia energética de ComEd.

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