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LED Streetlights: Ilumine su camino hacia el ahorro

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offers incentives for replacing streetlights with energy-efficient LED fixtures. Receive incentives of 70 cents per watt reduced for converting municipally owned streetlights to LEDs.


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Image of street lighting

On the left: LED Streetlight
On the right: High-Intensity Discharge


Incentives are in addition to ongoing savings – LED streetlights deliver reduced operating costs, longer fixture life, and enhanced light control over legacy mercury vapor (MV) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights.

ComEd offers free services to help you take advantage of this incentive, including application and mapping assistance!

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1. Schedule a Savings Assessment

Call 1-773-328-7040 to speak with a ComEd LED streetlights specialist who will work with you to assess the incentive and energy costs savings of upgrading your streetlights. You can also email us at

2. Select LED Products

Consult with an authorized supplier or contractor who can advise on the appropriate streetlight fixtures for your needs.

3. Apply for Incentives

Work with a ComEd streetlight specialist or your service provider to submit a pre-approval application to have ComEd reserve incentive funds for your project prior to ordering product and starting work.

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View our webinar all about the ComEd LED streetlights incentive!
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