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Dispositivos conectados al medidor inteligente

Take control of your energy costs through the Smart Meter Connected Devices service. Ready to register or manage a smart device?

Manage my smart devices

What is a Smart Meter Connected Device?

A Smart Meter Connected Device (SMCD) is an in-home display which can be registered and then wirelessly connected to your ComEd smart meter to display your near real-time electricity usage data. Types of smart devices can vary and are specified in the Customer Guide.

The Benefits

Los dispositivos conectados a un medidor inteligente (SMCD) se comunican con el medidor inteligente ubicado en su hogar para brindarle acceso a más información sobre su consumo de electricidad, de modo que usted pueda:

  • Comprenda mejor cuánta electricidad está consumiendo.
  • Asuma el control de su consumo eléctrico.
  • Haga cambios que le permitan administrar sus facturas de electricidad.
Transcripción del audio de ComEd Smart Meter Connected Devices - Customer Testimonials


  • Confirm that a smart meter has been installed at your home. You have a smart meter if the meter number has nine digits and begins with '2'.
  • Compre un dispositivo inteligente que sea compatible con los contadores inteligentes de ComEd. Need to purchase a smart device? Visit the ComEd Marketplace.
  • Have an existing login to My Account or create a new one.
  • Make sure your device is plugged in, turned on, and positioned no more than 50 feet from your smart meter.

Compatible Devices

Vendor ​Device Name ​Model/Part No. ​Where to Buy
​Rainforest AutomationEMU-2​​RFA-Z105-2 ​
​Aztech Associates, Inc.​Aztech In-Home Display​S000-0908
​Energate, Inc.​HōlHōm Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway ​

*Rainforest Automation EMU - 2 is the only compatible smart device for commercial customers.

If you are attempting to connect a smart device other than what is listed above, please contact


Connect a new device, disconnect, or update the settings on an existing device.​

Manage my smart devices

Still have questions?

Email for assistance with:

  • Connecting a smart device to a ComEd smart meter, or troubleshooting any issues involved with connection
  • Submitting questions about the Smart Meter Connected Devices service

For all other smart meter-related questions, please call 1-866-368-8326.

ComEd does not endorse any manufacturer or retailer of smart devices included on the SMCD list, nor the manufacturer’s or retailer’s business practices. Our verification process focuses on whether the smart device functions properly, is compatible, and receives information from ComEd smart meters. ComEd no da garantías ni promesas acerca del desempeño y ninguna está implícita.

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