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City of Freeport

A Public Small Facilities Project
Foto de proyecto
Mejoras de ahorro energético Iluminación LED
Ahorro anual estimado 301,258 kWh
Costo total del proyecto $115,101
Incentivo del Programa de Eficiencia Energética de ComEd $63,466
Costo del proyecto después del incentivo $51,635
Estimated annual electric cost savings* $26,963
Recuperación estimada después de los incentivos Less than 2 years

*Estimated savings based on a facility electricity rate of $0.895 per kWh, which is the average blended electric rate for commercial buildings in the State of Illinois according to the Energy Information Administration.

Resumen del proyecto

Freeport’s City Manager Lowell Crow first learned about the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program at Region 1 Planning Council and IL City/County Management Association (ILCMA) meetings in 2018. When Lowell heard about the Public Small Facilities offering he realized the opportunity it presented for the City of Freeport. ComEd worked with the city to ensure each project met each department's particular needs – the Road Department needed special highbay light fixtures to accommodate the trucks; the airport ramp required pole lights; the hangars were each a different building type with different fixture and wiring requirements. City Manager Crow was so pleased with the work that he has written regularly for the local paper about Freeport’s energy efficiency upgrades and benefits. He’s also shared the positive impact of the program for the city at ILCMA and other meetings.

La solución

ComEd worked with the city to identify several facilities, including fire and police stations and the art museum, where energy efficiency was needed most. Completed projects include a variety of lighting replacements at multiple city locations.

ComEd also worked with Freeport to ensure that projects were not “one-size-fits-all,” to accommodate each facility’s unique needs. Lowell notes they even went above and beyond for the Streets Department facility; they tested and identified a fixture that was interfering with garage door openers, and then changed the fixture.

Beneficios del proyecto

In addition to reducing costs and their carbon footprint, Freeport is benefitting from improved lighting quality, reduced maintenance, increased safety and lower costs. Now citizens’ tax dollars can fund other projects that improve quality of life and help bring new business into the community. For example, the recent airport lighting improvements complement other initiatives to attract employers that rely on aviation infrastructure. So far there have been seven different projects completed for the city of Freeport. The ComEd incentives have covered 55% of the project costs and the energy savings are estimated at 301,258 kWh per year. The potential for more incentives and energy savings are on the horizon as HVAC assessments are being scheduled for the early Spring.

“Without the Public Small Facilities offering, the process would have been much longer…and we didn’t have to file paperwork, it was all done for us.”

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