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Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)
Foto de proyecto
PROYECTO SNAPSHOT: Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Facility 40 floor two-building complex
Mejoras de ahorro energético
  • Duct Static Pressure Reset
  • Discharge Air Temperature Reset
  • Equipment Schedule Optimization
  • Controls Upgrade
Energy-saving improvements for Capital 55 units of Control Panels
Verified annual energy savings 7,345,000 kWh
Implementation cost *$644,000
Ahorro de costos en electricidad por año $680,000
Recuperación estimada después de los incentivos 11 meses

*Based on an electric rate of $0.0895 cents per kWh

Resumen del proyecto

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is a two-tower, 40 floor complex overlooking the Chicago River on the west end of the Loop. Thanks to an MBCx project undertaken with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, the facility was able to save over $680,000 (~18%) in annual energy costs. These savings enabled the CME's property manager, Tishman Speyer, to recoup their initial project investment in under a year, netting them an MBCx Project of the Year award.

La solución

As building equipment gets older, it gradually loses its efficiency, which drives higher energy usage. In 2017, monitoring-based software was installed by a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider. The software helped the Service Provider identify faults in the HVAC system, and understand areas of improvement. Based on their analysis, the Service Provider recommended a custom slate of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to optimize equipment operations, generating significant reductions in energy usage.

“The infrastructure of our base [facility] heat was failing. The heat just ran off the wall thermostat and the controls became obsolete. That's what really drove us to participate," said Chief Engineer Marty O'Brien, describing how the CME's systems were running during unneeded periods. "As soon as we started implementing these ECMs, the savings were instantaneous.”

El equipo

MBCx studies unfold over an extended period, so collaboration between the Service Provider and property management teams is paramount to the endeavor’s success. The CME was a unique case given the facility’s storied history with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, and the fact that the project had to be extended past the typical investigation period. “I thought we had a great time,” remarked O’Brien. “It was a seamless transition . . . it’s been really successful.” Maintaining a close, functional relationship with their Service Provider allowed O’Brien and Tishman Speyer to adapt the project to their facility’s needs and yield the best possible results.

Mejoras de ahorro energético

Other energy-saving solutions implemented at the CME include upgrades to the facility’s automation systems and increased control over/recalibrations of various HVAC components.

The most notable difference came down to managing heat in the facility during colder months. The new monitoring-based software identified energy-saving controls and programming modifications allowing the facility to run heat only when it is needed, preventing unnecessary expenditure. As O’Brien put it, “the big savings is all the after-hours usage.”

“The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is a fantastic program. It's a great tool for business owners and managers to maintain their properties and still be incentivized, which is a huge deal.”

Marty O'Brien, Chief Engineer, Tishman Speyer
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