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St. Mary Immaculate Parish

Organizaciones sin fines de lucro
Foto de proyecto
Mejoras de ahorro energético Replaced existing light fixtures with LEDs
Ahorros energéticos anuales estimados 139,491 kWh
Costo total del proyecto $126,269
Estimated annual energy cost savings $12,554*
Incentivo del Programa de Eficiencia Energética de ComEd $80,282
Project cost after incentives $45,987
Recuperación estimada después de los incentivos 3 years, 7 months*

*Estimated annual cost savings are based on an electricity rate of 9 cents per kWh

Resumen del proyecto

St. Mary Immaculate Parish in Plainfield, IL had been interested in reducing their energy use in order to redirect resources towards their community. In addition to religious and social services, the parish operates a school that provides academic and extracurricular activities to almost 500 students.

A ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider that is a member of St. Mary brought the idea of an energy efficiency project to the organization. With almost 800 lighting fixtures in St. Mary’s buildings and long hours of operation, a lighting retrofit presented a great opportunity for savings.

"We’re a big operation – we run from six in the morning to nine or ten at night, six days a week," said Denise Rowan, business manager for St. Mary. "We’re busy all the time, which means the lights are always on."

St. Mary had been interested in upgrading their lighting for years, but it was the new incentives from the Nonprofit Organizations offering that helped them to start the project.

"When we originally looked into new lighting for the school, we would have had to break the project out into 4 years or more," said Rowan. "The incentives from ComEd’s Nonprofit offering have made an astronomical difference, allowing us to complete the project in less than a year."

La solución

Almost 800 existing light fixtures at St. Mary were replaced with LEDs. This new lighting has made St. Mary’s buildings brighter and more energy efficient. LEDs use significantly less energy than fluorescent T8 or T12 lamps, require less maintenance and have a longer operating life.

"The new lighting in our buildings is going to make a huge difference," said Rowan.

"It’s really going to be amazing for us."

Beneficios del proyecto

St. Mary received $80,282 in incentives from the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program and is expected to save approximately $12,554 annually in energy costs with a payback time of three and a half years. In addition to environmental benefits and energy savings, the new lighting requires less upkeep and maintenance. These savings will help St. Mary focus more resources on their mission and provide additional services to the community.

The Nonprofit Organizations offering serves eligible nonprofit, 501(c)3 organizations with a maximum peak demand of 400 kW whose a mission that involves providing direct services to at-risk populations.

"This is a great opportunity for other parishes and nonprofits. These nonprofit incentives will save people a huge amount of money."

Denise Rowan,
Business Manager at St. Mary Immaculate Parish
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