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Xavier Apartments

Nueva construcción
Foto de proyecto
PROJECT SNAPSHOT: Xavier Apartments
Perspectiva general Edificio multifamiliar
Ubicación Chicago
Architect GREC Architects
Owner incentive received $70,099*
Design team incentive received $7,010*
Ahorros energéticos anuales estimados 609,210 kWh
18,355 therms
Estimated annual energy cost savings $70,813**

*Based on 2017 incentive levels.

**Estimated annual cost savings based on a rate of 8.87 cents per kWh and 91.4 cents per therm. Actual savings will vary by customer's energy usage and rate.

Xavier Apartments, Photo By Mark Ballogg

Project Summary

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program provides a direct pathway for multi-family developers to have a positive impact on the triple bottom line of people, place and planet by:

  • Improving the lives of residents through lower energy bills and improved comfort
  • Conserving vital resources and enhancing community resiliency
  • Lowering the carbon footprint of new developments and major renovations

Owner and developer, Gerding Edlen, demonstrated its commitment to the triple bottom line in the design and development of Xavier — a 240-unit multi-family building in Chicago’s Near North Side neighborhood. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program partnered with Gerding Edlen and the Xavier design team to support and reinforce the business case for energy efficiency in the project design. In addition to implementing a significant number of beyond-code energy conservation measures (ECMs), the owner and design team created a sustainable building featuring beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, while keeping the total window area within the energy code maximum.

The Solution

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program implementer Seventhwave provided whole-building energy modeling to calculate potential energy cost reductions, and potential earned program incentives for both electric and natural gas savings. These savings resulted from implementation of 10 ECMs, including:

  • Demand-controlled ventilation tying the operation of bathroom exhaust fans to light switches
  • Primary space heating via high-efficiency water source heat pumps
  • Reduced lighting power density in the corridors and parking garage
  • High-efficiency makeup air units
  • Smart thermostats in every apartment

Beneficios del proyecto

The design for the new 261,850 square foot, 240-unit multi-family building reduced annual energy costs by an estimated $70,813 compared to minimal energy code compliance. Gerding Edlen received a total of $70,099 in incentives from the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. An additional 10 percent incentive bonus was also provided to the project design team for significant engagement with the program.

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