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Discover Ways to Reduce Energy Use Throughout Your Campus

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program has ways for colleges and universities to demonstrate leadership on sustainability, all while saving money and energy.

Modernize your campus infrastructure with energy efficiency upgrades like energy management systems, LED lighting, advanced lighting controls, occupancy sensors and variable speed drives. ComEd provides incentives and technical assistance for these and a host of other energy conservation measures to get your campus headed down the path to environmental stewardship.

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Electricity Consumption by Colleges & Universities


   Heating & Cooling  31%
   Lighting  26%
   Office Equipment  20%
   Ventilation  7%
   Refrigeration  4%
   Cooking  1%
   Water Heating  1%
   Other  10%

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

 FREE Assessment

​ComEd offers FREE facility assessments to help colleges and universities identify energy-saving opportunities, from efficient HVAC systems to variable speed drives. An energy engineer will visit your campus to develop a report detailing recommended energy efficiency projects, including estimated cost, incentives and projected simple payback.


Newer LED lamps use about 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer on average than incandescent bulbs. They also require almost zero warm-up period, going from dark to full brightness instantly, and produce illumination that is brighter and truer in color. This enhances safety and security, not to mention a more pleasant and comfortable environment, for students and faculty.

ComEd offers incentives for installing energy-efficient LED fixtures, as well as advanced lighting controls like occupancy sensors, daylight controls and timers, to ensure areas are well lit when they need to be—and aren't wasting energy when they don't. Upgrade your lighting inside and out for more welcoming spaces, while also saving money and energy! Colleges and universities are eligible for instant discounts on commercial-grade lighting and exit sign products—save at the time of purchase with no paperwork!

 Heating & Cooling

Heating, ventilation and cooling typically account for more than a third of all energy use on campus. Simple enhancements to your HVAC systems can improve comfort in classrooms and office spaces, while reducing energy costs.

ComEd offers incentives and technical assistance to tune-up or replace your inefficient HVAC units, delivering more efficient temperature control while using less energy. Each HVAC tune-up includes a thorough inspection and adjustment of the unit's thermostat, economizer, refrigerant charge, coils and belts for optimal performance. Incentives are also available for HVAC system component upgrades like water and air-cooled chillers, variable speed drives, energy management systems, demand-controlled ventilation and air-side economizers.

 IT Systems

Improving Your IT Room Equipment

Your facility most likely houses its vital IT equipment in a closet or room. Computer equipment requires air conditioning to prevent overheating. However, inefficient cooling units may cost more to run and maintain. Thankfully, ComEd offers incentives to help you upgrade your IT room’s equipment.

From energy-efficient air conditioning units to uninterruptible power supplies, you can keep your computer equipment running while also saving money. View our fact sheet to discover other energy-saving opportunities for your IT room.

 Building Optimization

Over time, campus buildings become less energy efficient—equipment ages, settings and equipment schedules are changed, and routine maintenance gets skipped. Through the building optimization process known as retro-commissioning, or RCx, ComEd energy experts provide technical assistance to help you identify no- and low-cost operational improvements for your existing systems and equipment.

A fully-funded building optimization study will provide a list of energy-saving recommendations. You can implement the suggested improvements that make sense for your campus. RCx participants have saved an average of 5 percent annually on their electric bills, with an average simple payback of 1.5 years!

 Athletic Facilities

Score one for sustainability by reducing your college's energy use on the field and on the court. LED lights, daylight controls and occupancy sensors combine with smart thermostats and energy management systems to limit energy use when practice facilities are unused. Ditto for load misers, which reduce "vampire" energy consumption for TVs, exercise equipment, and vending machines. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program provides incentives on each of these money-saving opportunities.

And don't overlook the energy efficiency opportunities at your campus swimming pools and aquatic centers. Demand controlled ventilation modulates airflow throughout the aquatic area, while pool pumps equipped with variable speed drives ensure they use only as much energy as is needed.

 New Construction

Reduce capital improvement costs while ensuring your campus buildings are sustainable over the long run. ComEd offers expert technical assistance and energy modeling, in addition to financial incentives and ongoing energy savings, to help new construction projects exceed Illinois Energy Conservation Code requirements.

New developments and major renovations of at least 5,000 square feet are eligible. Be sure to involve the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program team as soon as possible—the earlier we are engaged in the design process, the higher the incentive values and the greater the long-term savings!

 Additional Project Incentives

 Let's Get Started

1. Schedule an Assessment

Call 1-855-433-2700 or fill out the Online Form to request a Facility Assessment. A ComEd energy engineer will assess your facility and equipment for potential electrical savings during a two-hour site walkthrough.

2. Receive Recommendations

Within a month, you will receive a high-level summary recommending energy-saving changes and upgrades that can improve the energy efficiency of your business.

3. Make Improvements & Apply for Incentives

After you have decided which energy-saving improvements you want to make, consult the ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider Directory to find a contractor who can provide the products and services you need and help you apply for ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives, or you can purchase materials and use your own staff to install.

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On-Demand Webinar

ComEd can help your campus save money and energy! Watch our free on-demand webinar for colleges and universities.

LEEP Ahead to Save More

LEEP Ahead

Large Energy Efficiency Projects can now earn up to an additional 30% incentive on standard projects!

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