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Closet-to-Colocation Data Centers

¡NUEVO! ComEd offers $0.10 per kWh saved (compared to past incentives of $0.05) to customers who successfully relocate their IT operations from their old data closet/room model to a colocation facility.

Many of ComEd’s business and public sector customers host their day-to-day IT operations on computers and servers on-site, in small data closets, but today there is another option: colocation.

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Conceptos básicos

A colocation facility is a data center that rents space to businesses and organizations to house their servers and other computing hardware. Space is leased by the rack, cabinet, cage or room. Colocation facilities are typically equipped with state-of-the-art cooling, power supply, bandwidth and physical security capabilities, which helps assure their customers that servers and data storage equipment will be housed in the optimum environment.


By moving IT equipment to data center colocation facilities, customers gain economies of scale, reduced energy use and lower energy cost. Other benefits include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Advanced infrastructure, greater bandwidth capacity and reduced latency
  • Access to managed services that keep pace with increasing business needs
  • Increased uptime and reliability
  • Reduced capital expenditures

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An effective, reliable and efficient cooling infrastructure is a hallmark of colocation facilities. This structure is designed to be robust enough for the most complex high-power systems, while also effectively serving smaller customers.


Colocation facilities offer different types of spaces, from cages and cabinets to suites, which can meet any customer’s requirements. This model allows for scalability of data center assets as load and size requirements grow.

Closet-to-Colocation Data Centers

Why build a house when all you need is a furnished apartment?

Let colocation be that furnished apartment. Whatever your business needs are, moving into a colocation facility may lower your operating cost, save energy and improve your data access infrastructure.

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