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Improving Your IT Room

Implementing energy-efficient equipment can help you save money and cut your energy consumption by 20–40%.*

You may not have a full-fledged data center but your facility has a space housing your server or at least some networking equipment. But the inefficient air conditioning units preventing your servers from overheating may be costing you more in energy costs and maintenance fees every month.

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No matter the size of your IT room, the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program has incentives to keep your critical IT infrastructure running efficiently.

Here are a few upgrades you can implement to help you get started:

Airflow management - Reduce energy use up to 20% by preventing cool supply air from mixing with the hot air released from IT equipment.

Computer Room Air Conditioning Unit (CRAC) – Older equipment can cost your facility more money on energy costs and maintenance. New CRAC units are energy efficient, so you’ll not only effectively cool your IT closet, you’ll save on energy and maintenance costs, too.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – When was the last time you replaced your IT closet’s UPS? As your last line of defense against power fluctuations and data loss, the UPS provides emergency power to run your IT equipment.

Control systems – Monitor your operations and set temperature points and fan speeds to optimize savings.

Improving Your IT Room

Do I need an upgrade?

From schools, local government buildings and fire and police stations to offices, medical facilities and more, each facility has a room storing networking equipment or at least a small server stack.

No matter the facility type, you can improve the overall energy efficiency of your IT room and keep your computer equipment running while also saving money.

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