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Saving Money and Energy Starts with Small Changes

For many small businesses and public sector facilities, controlling day-to-day expenses is critical to improving their bottom-line. To help them reduce their energy use, the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offers FREE self-install energy-saving kits to start these organizations on the right path.

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Qualifying customers such as small businesses, fire stations, libraries, park district buildings and public works offices will receive a FREE energy-saving kit which is shipped directly to their facility for self-installation. Customers will receive one of the three different types of kits based on type of facility. The kits include simple energy-efficient products like LED light bulbs, water-saving faucet aerators or advanced power strips.

Find Out if You Qualify

Small business and public sector customers who generate less than 200kW peak demand and who have not previously participated in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program Small Business offering are eligible.

To verify your eligibility, email us at or call 855-433-2700 during normal business hours to speak with a ComEd Energy Efficiency Program representative.

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The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.

Offers are subject to change.

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