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ComEd’s Hourly Pricing can help you save money on your energy bills while you contribute to a cleaner tomorrow.

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ComEd's Hourly Pricing Rate Option Audio Transcript

¿De qué se trata?

ComEd's Hourly Pricing is an electric supply rate option that allows you to purchase electricity at the hourly market price. By shifting some of your energy use to lower-priced hours, you could save money on your monthly bills.

Participants have saved an average of 15 percent on their energy supply costs compared to ComEd’s default fixed-price rate. There is no participation fee or contract, and you can leave at any time.

¿Cómo funciona?

With Hourly Pricing, take control of how and when you use energy.

Shifting your energy use away from high-demand times could increase your potential to save on your monthly bills. Just shift your energy use – like using your dishwasher or doing laundry – to lower-priced hours.

Hourly Pricing provides notifications about the best times to shift energy use, seasonal energy-saving tips, monthly savings reports, tools to automate savings and access to live customer support.

With ComEd’s Hourly Pricing, individual bills and savings vary month-to-month based on weather, market conditions and your energy usage habits.

¿Quién se beneficia?

You may be a good fit for Hourly Pricing if you can shift energy use to off-peak times, when prices are lower than the default-fixed price rate. Visit ComEd My Rates Comparison and see if Hourly Pricing would work for you.

Your Community Impact

Managing your energy use today can lead to cleaner air and a healthier environment for future generations.

For example, by reducing your energy usage during higher-priced hours and estimated peak hours, you’ll help reduce energy demand overall, and reduce the release of emissions that contribute to global warming.

Since 2007, the Hourly Pricing community has prevented 97,382 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere. That is equal to the amount of emissions released by driving around the Earth 9,718 times!

For more information about Hourly Pricing, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Enroll in Hourly Pricing

Enroll in Hourly Pricing online or call 1-888-202-7787 to speak with an Hourly Pricing specialist.

Meter Requirements

Enrollment in Hourly Pricing requires an electric meter, like a ComEd smart meter, capable of measuring and recording electric usage at hourly intervals.

If you have more than one meter at your premises, then you are currently subject to a regular monthly meter lease fee and that will not change. It is likely that each meter associated with your ComEd account is a smart meter.

Program Commitment

There is no participation fee or contract. You can leave Hourly Pricing at any time, but if you do, you will not be able to re-enroll for 12 months.

Servicio de respuesta de precios automatizado para la protección de la carga

Hourly Pricing participants who have central air conditioning units and participate in ComEd Central AC Cycling can also participate in Hourly Pricing's Load Guard Automated Price Response Service. La protección de carga es una función innovadora diseñada para funcionar por ciclos automáticamente en una unidad de aire acondicionado central de un participante: la unidad se enciende y se apaga durante los horarios de verano en que el precio de la electricidad es alto. Obtenga más información sobre la protección de carga en nuestras Preguntas frecuentes.

Pricing Tool

ComEd’s Hourly Pricing uses Rate BES-H (Basic Electric Service Hourly Pricing) to determine your monthly energy bills. For more information visit

Use the Rate BES-H pricing tool to search for indicative day-ahead and estimated real-time Rate BES-H prices for electricity used on or after 2 de enero de 2007.

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