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Shed Light on Industrial Energy Savings

The ComEd Small Business Energy Savings program is designed to help you identify energy-saving opportunities for your light industrial business.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting can make up a significant portion of your overall energy costs. But with a combination of energy-efficient lighting and occupancy sensors for areas that remain unoccupied for parts of the day, you can reduce operating costs and help improve your overall indoor environment. A FREE assessment from our Energy Advisor may provide suggestions on the best lighting options available for your business.

There are a number of viable energy-saving opportunities for light industrial facilities with payback periods that make economic sense. With careful planning and the right ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives, you can maximize efficiency and ensure a reasonable return on your investment.

​Not Sure Where to Start?

1. Schedule an Assessment

Call 1-855-433-2700 and request a Facility Assessment. A ComEd energy engineer will assess your facility and equipment for potential electrical savings during a two-hour site walkthrough.

2. Receive Recommendations

Within a month, you will receive a high-level summary recommending energy-saving changes and upgrades that can improve the energy efficiency of your business.

3. Make Improvements & Apply for Incentives

After you have decided which energy-saving improvements you want to make, consult the ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider Directory to find a contractor who can provide the products and services you need and help you apply for ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives.


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Average Energy Use


Machine Drive 52%
Heating 11%
Facility HVAC 9%
Electro-Chemical 8%
Cooling 7%
Lighting 6%
Other 7%

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Available Programs & Incentives

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“The savings provided at relatively no effort on our end really motivated us to participate in the ComEd Small Business Energy Saving program.”

Kevin Rudy, President, Kenzley Title Group, Inc., Dixon, IL

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